Welcome to New Creation Church, located in Sandy, Utah


New Creation Church offers a wide range of ministries to meet the needs of all of our members, visitors, teenagers, and children. Please click on any of the ministries below to read more about how you can become involved or check out our events calendar to see when the next ministry events is happening!

Small Groups

The primary goal of NCC small groups is to provide an environment, aside from the regular Sunday church service, where members can connect with God and grow together through prayer, worship, fellowship and teaching – with the result being a reflection of God’s goodness. It’s all about relationship with God, caring about, and caring for one another.
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Emerge Youth

In Emerge Youth, it is our goal to help kids in 6th-12th grade, emerge into a clearer picture of who God has called them to be. Our practical, hands-on lessons are geared to help kids rise above the storms of life that come with the transition from childhood into adulthood and beyond.
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Kids 4 Christ

It is our commitment here at Kids 4 Christ to reveal God in a way that kids can know and understand Him. We want each child to have a personal knowledge of God; a God who will never leave them or fail them, one who loves them unconditionally and wants to have a lifelong relationship with them.
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Lil' Kids 4 Christ

At New Creation Church we believe even the youngest members can have a strong relationship with Jesus. Even the youngest children can be born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed and blessed, just like adults.
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Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry at New Creation Church is all about building relationships. It provides a unique opportunity for women to come together in a non-church atmosphere in order to foster stronger relationships through fun, laughter, and conversation. It is our goal to include all women, both in the church and in the community.
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Local Outreach

Local Outreach at New Creation Church provides an opportunity for those who attend the church to connect to others in special ways within the church and the community. It is a hands-on expression of the mission of the church to: Connect with God, Grow Together, and Reflect His Goodness.
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