Welcome to New Creation Church, located in Sandy, Utah

Emerge YoutIn Emerge Youth, it is our goal to help kids in 6th-12th grade, emerge into a clearer picture of who God has called them to be. Our practical, hands-on lessons are geared to help kids rise above the storms of life that come with the transition from childhood into adulthood and beyond. We want our youth to be able to declare the goodness and glory of God through their talents, strengths and passions without fear or shame.

It is our aim to teach these kids how to flow in the gifts of the Spirit, recognize who God is, and who He has created them to be and grow in their ability to trust God with everything they have. They are given practical principals on how to be the most effective representative for God in their circle of influence.

Youth who attend Emerge for the first time will find a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere where they will learn about God in a very real way. Not only will they encounter the presence of God, they will learn what to do with that encounter. They will also learn how to have a relationship with God while living in a world filled with peer pressure and negative influences.

As the kids emerge into who God created them to be, we hope they will get a greater sense of who God is, who they are in God’s eyes, and will leave feeling loved, accepted and valued by our team of leaders. Looking to get your teen(s) connected with a youth group? Join us on Sunday mornings after the worship service.

Youth Pastors