Welcome to New Creation Church, located in Sandy, Utah

Lil' Kids 4 ChristAt Lil’ Kids 4 Christ we believe even the youngest members can have a strong relationship with Jesus. Even the youngest children can be born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed and blessed, just like adults. We want our kids to know God loves them unconditionally and wants to have a lifelong relationship with them.

Our Nursery aged kids (0-2) have excellent caregivers who read them Bible stories, have play time, cuddle, comfort and pray over each child.

For our Preschool aged kids, (3-5) it is our goal that as each child moves up to the Kids 4 Christ classroom they know how to praise God, pray for each other, be encouragers and have a basic understanding of what the Bible says about who they are in Christ.

Our hands on curriculum was put together from several resources, through prayer, and is geared specifically for active Preschoolers. During their classroom experience the kids will have a time of active play meant to help kids learn teamwork, motor skills and social skills.

Lil’ Kids 4 Christ also has a time of praise and worship. The kids are allowed to shout, jump and play instruments for God. There is also a time of prayer. We talk to the kids about what prayer is and give them ideas of different things they can pray for. Our prayer tree lets the kids remember past prayer requests and provides a visual aid for them to see how many of their prayers God has answered.

All of our crafts are designed to be reminders of what the lesson was about. This provides an opportunity for kids to share with family and friends what they’ve learned in a simple way and also serves as a reminder to them throughout the week.

In Lil’ Kids 4 Christ, our amazing team of teachers and helpers will ensure your child has a great time while in their care. We often have children come to our classroom for the first time who are shy and nervous, but when it’s time to go home, they don’t want to leave. We make church fun and meaningful for our kids. For a tour of our classrooms and lesson plans, please visit us after any of our services.