Welcome to New Creation Church, located in Sandy, Utah

NCC Local Outreach

Local Outreach at New Creation Church provides an opportunity for those who attend the church to connect to others in special ways within the church and the community.  It is a hands-on expression of the mission of the church to:  Connect with God, Grow Together, and Reflect His Goodness.

With Jesus as our example and a united heart of compassion and caring, NCC looks for ways to serve and provide help.  Our goal for Local Outreach is to share the person and presence of the Lord with others.  We do that by looking for opportunities to meet the physical needs of those in the church and in the community, such as preparing and giving Thanksgiving boxes to families.

We also seek to address spiritual needs in the community like volunteering to work at special events such as Joel Osteen’s first Night of Hope held in Salt Lake in 2013.  Many people who attended were impacted and those who volunteered had a one-on-one opportunity to share our enthusiasm and love of the Savior with many who may never come to a church service.

Other ways we reach out to the community include:

Treasure Hunters

Treasure Hunters meets every second Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at New Creation Church. We study the TNT (Treasure Hunters In Training) course which is a model of sharing Christ with others. In each session, we discuss course material, then pray individually to listen for clues to the “treasure” the Lord has prepared for us that day.  The group then compares clues and determines where to go and who to look for. We go as directed into the community using our ‘clues of knowledge’ to find God’s treasure – His people.

We respectfully and prayerfully approach people who seem to fit our clues, explaining we are on a treasure hunt, and it appears as though they may be one of the treasures we are looking for.  Being open to the promptings of the Spirit, we find out if there is anything we can do for them–prayer, healing, encouragement, etc.  He sincerely wants to express the love, concern, and hope God has for them.  It is amazing, time after time, to see what God has set up.  He never fails to show us who he wants to bless.  It is faith-building, satisfying, and great fun.

Thanksgiving Boxes

Each November, members of the church donate food items, which are collected and arranged into  boxes to provide selected families a complete Thanksgiving dinner—everything from turkey to pumpkin pie.  Names of families, within or without the church, are submitted by church members.  Volunteers gather together to assemble and deliver the bountiful boxes.  It brings a lot of joy to those giving and those receiving.

As an expression and outgrowth of your connection with God, you may enjoy being involved in a Local Outreach.  It is our hope that anyone participating in a program or event will receive greater love from the Father and develop the heart of a servant/leader, just like Christ did.

You can find out about these and other upcoming Local Outreach happenings, by checking back to the church website, or Facebook page.  There will also be announcements on this website and in the weekly bulletin.  Or call Sally Beesley (801) 263-1812, or the church office for more information.

Outreach Leader